Comprehensive Patient Support Program to Help Facilitate Access to EYLEA

EYLEA4U is a patient support program that offers patient access support, reimbursement support, and product support for your patients who are prescribed EYLEA® (aflibercept) Injection. Our dedicated team and wide range of resources can help patients access EYLEA and answer any questions you might have.

Enrolling in EYLEA4U®, Icon

Enrolling in EYLEA4U

Enrollment in EYLEA4U, the patient support program for EYLEA, is the key to accessing support for you and your patients

Financial assistance wallet, Icon

Financial Assistance

EYLEA4U offers financial support options for your patients who are prescribed EYLEA and meet eligibility requirements

Coverage and reimbursement support, Icon

Coverage and Reimbursement Support

EYLEA4U can help provide information about many areas of coverage and reimbursement, such as benefit verifications, prior authorizations, appeals, and claims

Product acquisition support, Icon

Product Acquisition Support

EYLEA4U offers information and resources to help you acquire EYLEA as well as details on product returns

Additional Support Is Available When You Need It

Your EYLEA4U® team is committed to finding solutions for you and your patients.

In-office support, Icon

In-office support:

Your dedicated Reimbursement Business Manager and Medical Specialist are available to meet or speak with you in person or virtually—whenever you need them

Online portal support, Icon

Online portal support:

Visit EYLEA4Ueportal.com for additional information or to download helpful resources and tools

Phone support, Icon

Phone support:

Call EYLEA4U at 1-855-EYLEA4U (1-855-395-3248), Option 4, Monday–Friday, 9 AM–8 PM Eastern Time

  • Specific support is available through these convenient phone prompts:
  • Option 1 for HCP medical information inquiries
  • Option 2 for patient or caregiver medical information inquiries
  • Option 3 for adverse events, product complaints, and product returns
  • Option 4 for reimbursement and patient assistance support
  • Option 5 for product ordering assistance through one of our distributors